Last night on Married At First Sight, Billy finally stood up to his ‘wife’ Susie. 

So this morning, when Mike E and Emma chatted to Billy, they allowed him to offload all his negative thoughts and feelings about the woman he was matched with on the show and Billy certainly didn’t hold back.

When Mike E asked “What is the worst thing you could say about her?” Billy didn’t hesitate with his response. 

“She is just soulless. A shark.”

And it didn’t stop there, with Billy going on to say that she has “dead eyes” and is a liar. 

Billy also mentioned Susie’s rumoured relationship with NRL legend Todd Carney, saying “She got everything she wanted out of this experience… she got the idiot football player.”

He also implies and there is more to be revealed about Susie and Carney, saying that they were dating longer than what’s been reported by the media. 


Billy also speaks of Susie true intentions of being on the show, with fame being her real goal, and saying she manipulated the producers of MAFS to get onto the show. 

Watch the full intense wrath of Billy above! 

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