Martha Kalifatidis and Michael Brunelli from last year’s season of MAFS have apparently broken up after Martha uploaded messages between them on instagram. 

Martha you might recall, was the young girl who looks eerily similar to the Kardashian/Jenner clan and Michael was the chill dude who she liked to dress up in pretty clothes.

I never for a second thought they’d stay together post-show, let alone a full year after!

In classic MAFS fashion, Martha very classily uploaded screenshots of their private conversation onto instagram with the caption “2020…didn’t think it could get any worse”.

The conversation is…bizarre…


Firstly if anyone has been  in a long term relationship they know that this isn’t how people TALK.

After receiving a long heart-felt message from Michael about their relationship issues, Martha just responds with 

“I’m so fkn done!!!…I’m upgrading. Bye bihhh.”

And just….what?


In the following message she talks about how she “needs better support, I want a better connection”.


Which could mean what it sounds like….

BUT some internet sleuths are suspicious about the whole exchange and reckon they’re up to something.

The use of his words like “How many times can one person pick up the phone to figure out a problem and not get a response” and her like “I’m upgrading” and “better connection” all sounds like an ad for a phone plan…

The internet people think that they’ve both signed a marketing deal to sell some sort of phone or phone plan and as “conspiracy theorists” as that sounds…

It also sounds like the type of lame money grab they would do.

So let’s see! Have they broken up? Or am I buying a new Vodafone plan this year?

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