Married At First Sight’s Mishel Karen is joining adult content subscription site OnlyFans.

You may remember her as the gorgeous lady who was unfortunately pair with Steve who was not sexually attracted to her and lead her on for most of the season.

She’s got over 100k followers on Instagram and is hoping to migrate those numbers over to OnlyFans.

Content on OnlyFans varies from sultry images to hardcore pornography, I’m assuming Mishel will be partaking in the former of the two.

In fact the mother of two has openly said on her OnlyFans account that she would NOT be posting sexual content.


“I am new on this platform… I am checking it out and you can check me out. This is an intimate view of my world not a collection of intimate photos. Expect- bikini outdoors garden and some cheeky pictures. NO sexual content. I hope that you enjoy my page.”

You can subscribe to her page for $25/month as a 50% off promotion is running, but the usual fee is $50/month.


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