Jessika Power and Daniel Webb are officially doneso to the surprise of basically no one and it sees that it may just have been for the best. Otherwise we have no doubt that things between these two would have gotten MESSY! Or messier, rather.

The couple originally got together on this season of Married At First Sight through a cheating scandal and since the show wrapped up filming there’s been claims of the pair already cheating on each other.

While both parties deny any wrongdoing, some photographic evidence appears to have come out giving further proof to the fact that Jess was seeing someone else behind Dan’s back!

Exclusive images obtained by Woman’s Day that were reportedly taken in December last year, when Jess and Dan were together but before the reunion was filmed, show Jess getting cosy with former MAFS groom Telv Williams!


According to the publication, Jess and Telv, who appeared on season five of the show, were together in Perth and were allegedly heading out on a romantic date.


“We recognised Telv straight away and just assumed she was his new girlfriend,” said one witness, as Jess’ season hadn’t begun airing on TV yet.

“They were giggling and laughing the whole night. You could tell he really fancied her.”

Dan announced that he and Jess had officially split during a tell-all interview with Yahoo Lifestyle last week, during which he said that he had his suspicions that something had happened between Jess and Telv.

“Tell said something then [on the] Friday she was in Melbourne doing an event and he was in Melbourne and she was trying to screw him that night as well,” Dan alleged.

“Like, fair dinkum, we had the best night on the Thursday night before that and it makes me feel like I’ve been played again,” he added through tears.


“I was going to introduce this girl to my son! I actually love this girl. I wanted something with her and she’s got so many good qualities… But I just don’t understand how she can be so mixed up in things!”

Dan also claimed during the interview that Telv came forward to him and admitted that he had hooked up with Jess in December.

“[Telv] messaged me on Instagram saying they hooked up just before Christmas,” Dan alleged.

Telv, however, claimed to have had no idea that Jess was dating Dan at the time and said that he really feels for Dan during this tough time.


Jess is yet to officially address the split.

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