Last night, Australia collectively grimaced watching Dan and Jessika’s secret love affair on ‘Married At First Sight’. 

But, it appears we’re not the only ones shocked by the cheating scandal. 

Dan’s ‘wife’ Tamara has expressed her disdain at the couple, admitting to already having doubts about their future as a couple. 

“It won’t last, mark my words,” Tamara told TV WEEK

Much like the rest of Australia, the 29-year-old admitted to feeling “sick to the stomach” watching their relationship unfold, and that the couple’s behaviour was “disgusting” and “disrespectful”. 

“It’s been really hard to watch it all unfold,” Tamara told the publication. “Their behaviour speaks for itself and they should be embarrassed.”


“I’m a strong enough person to know my worth and it’s not something I want to be a part of.”

However, Tam revealed that she did have a gut feeling that something bizarre was going on between Dan and Jess but didn’t want to give up on their ‘marriage’ just yet.


“I didn’t know it was happening so early on,” she admitted to the magazine.

“Dan would tell me how beautiful I was, but behind my back he said he wasn’t able to talk to me. It was all a complete and utter lie.”

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She also reveals that Jess’ unacceptable behaviour resembles that of Ines’ who pursued a relationship with Sam while still married to Bronson. 

“Both have gone behind people’s backs to get what they want,” she explained. “It just goes to show Jess’ character and what type of person she is. She’s not somebody I’d associate with in the outside world.”

We’re on your side, Tam!

Married At First Sight continues tonight at 7:30PM on Channel Nine.

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