They’re the seriously good-looking MAFS power couple who seem to be the only one’s without any drama (apart from fights to do with other couples, i.e The Cyclone Cyrell incident) but we’re starting to get the feeling that things don’t work out between Michael and Martha!

Martha Kalifatidis, who is still happily married to Michael Brunell on this season of Married At First Sight, has been spotted out with another man who just so happens to have a prior connection to the reality show.

The 30-year-old Kardashian lookalike has been spotted getting cosy with fellow contestant, Jessika Power’s brother Rhyce, who became a viral sensation for being the ‘hot brother’ during Jess’s wedding day.

The pair were reportedly “cuddling up” and “getting cosy” while attending a runway show at Melbourne Fashion Festival.


A super fan of the show shared a picture of Martha and Rhyce to a Facebook Fan Page on Tuesday night.

“Can confirm Martha and Jessika’s brother were together at Melbourne Fashion week,” said the source. “They were taking photos together and being cuddled up, with Michael [Brunelli] nowhere to be seen.”

The source added that someone asked Martha if her a Rhyce were now an item, with her answer being a little bit suss.

“I overheard someone ask if they’re together and she said, ‘We’re not allowed to say anything’,” the source continued.

Martha and Rhyce didn’t walk the red carpet of the event together but they were spotted sitting together in the front row during the show.

While neither Martha nor Rhyce have spoken publicly about the possibility of a romance, it would appear that Martha is denying the rumours after she liked a comment on Instagram, saying she was “too good” for Rhyce.


“She’s way too good for that simpleton lowlife fool. [Martha] is still with Michael… He’s a good man,” the comment read.

This comes after reports suggest Michael was unhappy with Martha after she was picture making out with fellow MAFS contestant Ines Basic.

Married At First Sight continued tonight 7:30PM on Channel Nine.

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