Mike E & Emma had a gossip-filled interview with MAF’s official shit stirrer, Michael Goonan.

Despite being married to Stacey on the show, Michael has confirmed he is no longer with her and is in fact dating someone new.

He even admitted he was dating someone hotter! Check it out below

MAFS’ Michael Has A New Girlfriend And He Admits She’s HOTTER Than Stacey

He went on to address some of the rumours floating around that he’s currently with KC.

Well, we say he addresses them but more like he pretended not to hear the question to get out of answering.


He said he wanted to respect the privacy of the woman he’s dating (KC, LET’S BE REAL) and sure man, we know Channel 9 just wants you to hush hush, but that’s cool.

After messing around, he finally said he would ‘love to hook up with KC, he thinks she’s an ABSOLUTE STUNNER but she’s probably out of his league’.

Mike E and Emma took this as confirmation because to be honest, watch the video, the tone and everything sounds like there’s definitely something more going on there.

What do you think?

Listen to the whole interview below!

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