Who else has been binging the heck out of all the rom-coms on Netflix? 

Especially the teen ones, to be quite honest.

Well the highly anticipated sequel to The Kissing Booth, creatively named ‘The Kissing Booth 2’ is officially dropping on Netflix on the 24th of July. 

Based on ‘The Kissing Booth’ books by Beth Reekles, we’re getting the same director and writer Vince Marcello, so if you liked the first movie, this will have the same vibes!

The plot? Ooh it’s juicy.

We pick up with Elle after she’s spent a romantic summer with her hunky boyfriend Noah.

They have to part ways as Noah heads to Harvard and Elle is set to finish her senior year of high school. 


But in classic rom-com style, whilst juggling the hardships of school, a long-distance relationship and the sudden introduction of a new, very handsome male friend Marco, Elle’s got a lot to figure out. 

You can watch the whole trailer below!

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