Remember those weird Twilight-esque copycat books that came out right after the Twilight series blew the f*** up?

I remember seeing these in the books store and my 16 year old self straight up SCOFFED at buying it because of how much the covers had copied Twilight’s minimalism and colour scheme!!


But hey! It’s been years now and I’m ready to love another.

Tracy Wolff  (last name wolf? SERIOUSLY TRACE?) is the author of this Young Adult Vampire Romance fiction. 

The books did really well despite my teen efforts and opinions and Universal has actually picked up the rights to the first book ‘Crave’.

So we might just get another dump vampire movie to lighten up spirits around here!


If you haven’t already read Crave, let me give you a little blurb.
A human girl finds herself in the middle of two warring factions and somehow falls in love with a VAMPIRE PRINCE, Jaxon Vega. 

He’s a bad boy type that has no feelings, but there’s just SOMETHING about her that calls to him. 

God, I’m already hooked, I’m literally going to read this tonight.

My adult body craves vampire teen fiction even at this age, what can I say?

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