Until this year, you could have been forgiven for not knowing who Mark Ronson was; he might have had one of the biggest singles of all time with Uptown Funk, but Ronson always put huge names like Bruno Mars in front of himself.

This year, with the success of the A Star Is Born soundtrack and the release of Late Night Feelings, Ronson has been more in the spotlight than ever, and rounding out an incredibly strong year, YouTube has just announced an original documentary, How To Be: Mark Ronson, directed by Carl Hindmarch.

The documentary is set to go in-depth on his origins as an artist, as well as the origins of his huge, Grammy-winning hits with Amy Winehouse, Bruno Mars, Miley Cyrus, and more, as well as his work on the Oscar-winning A Star Is Born.

You’ll also get to hear the story behind tracks like Uptown Funk, Find U AgainShallow and more, as the documentary delves into iconic moments in Ronson’s career, as well as the heartbreak that led to the emotional tracks of 2019’s Late Night Feelings.

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i guess i’ve said quite alot about this record up to now, that it’s a break-up record full of “sad bangers” that came in the wake of certain events in my life. and while it may have been inspired & held together by my own formidable heartbreak— in reality, everyone’s truth is contained here in this album. @lykkeli, @kingprincess69, @camila_cabello, @yebbasmith, @aliciakeys, @thelastartful, @mileycyrus, @angelolsenmusic, @dianagordon, @romythexx , @ilsey. so i want to thank them, these women—some of my favourite musician/singer/songwriters of this modern era—for lending their astounding voices/words/melodies and life experience (often painful) to this collection and for being so giving with their time, feelings and emotions. i need to thank my ex-wife Josephine whom i love and has had to see her name mentioned in every single article about this record while she does her own healing. finally, “Late Night Feelings” is for anyone who’s ever felt that twinge, or rather gut punch, of the breakup—that enveloped sadness that makes you wonder “when the f**k will this ever end?”. but you know what they say, time heals all wounds. in the meantime, treat this album like your band-aid. love Mark p.s. this album is dedicated to @blujemz

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Now 44 years old, Ronson has worked with an enormous range of artists, and the documentary is set to feature an all-star cast as it explores Ronson’s process and journey, including Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, Bradley Cooper, Boy George, Joshua Homme, King Princess, Nikka Costa and heaps more.

How To Be: Mark Ronson launches on October 12th, and will be free to watch, as YouTube starts to make more of their YouTube Originals available to everyone. Bonus content including directors cuts will be available to Premium subscribers.

Need to catch up on your Mark Ronson discography before the documentary launches? You can catch all his tracks on his iHeartRadio artist station;

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