Courtney Act signed on for 4 episodes on ‘Neighbours’ which was set to air last week!

She discusses how revolutionary it is for the show to have someone of her flavour of queer identity to be on the show.

“I just can’t imagine what if would have been like to be a young kid watching queer people, diverse people on Neighbours…and I just think it’s so cool”, she said to Mike E & Emma.

Courtney has moved to LA and has been our protesting for the Black Lives Matter movement.

“The military are on the streets, the police are on the streets… the destruction of property is replaceable the destruction of black lives is not”.

Her success in reality television is transnational in the States, UK and here at home BUT there are some shows she won’t touch *cough* I’m A Celebrity Get Me Outta Here *cough*. 

When asked about the Bachelor/Bachelorette, Courtney responded, “I’ve always tried to work out how a queer Bachelor or Bachelorette would work…everyone’s just up for grabs really!”.


You can listen to the full interview here.