Sometimes it’s all about luck and timing.

Our main man Soulja Boy just so HAPPENED to invest in a soap company before the coronavirus epidemic and he’s reaping the rewards.

Also side note: Did you guys know Soulja Boy is only 29?? In my mind he was like at least 40 by now for some reason.

The 29 year old invested in a company called The Soap Shop, a franchise in Mississippi.

They sell hand soaps, detergents and a wide variety of cleaning products which are obviously in high demand at the moment.

Apparently, they’ve gone from selling 100 bottles a month to 3000!! A 3000% increase in profits. 


But the angel that Soulja Boy is, this money isn’t ENTIRELY lining his pockets. 

The Soap Shop gives money to the ‘Bubbles For Cash’, Soulja’s charity for disadvantaged local kids!

Which is awesome and I wish these guys all the success in the future.


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