Kylie posted the cutest video EVER yesterday on her instagram where her and Stormi do the ‘Do Not Eat Chocolate’ Challenge.

The challenge is where a parent leaves a bowl full of chokkies in front of their child and says ‘you can have 3 but only after I come back from the bathroom’ and films them either waiting patiently or disobeying like a rebel.

It’s a test and Stormi passed with FLYING colours.

She captions ‘omg my BABYYY 😫😍 i had to take part in this challenge.’ 

She almost breaks but pulls herself off the ledge and whispers ‘patience, patience’ to herself like a 1000 year old monk.


Well, naturally Emma had to try it herself with her bubba Valentino and if you thought Stormi was cute….. Watch how well Valentino does below!

Missed Mike E & Emma this morning? Catch up by clicking play below!