Heading out tonight? 

We’re sorry but that vodka lemon lime and bitters will have to wait until after 6.10pm!

Tonight more than 30 Sydney pubs and bars are taking drastic measures in a move to shame NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian and the government’s restrictions on venues.

This united protest comes the night before the NSW state election and will see the bars take up “unhappy hour”.

At 6pm bars will cease alcohol service, turn down the music and switch off the lights.

But you’ll only have to stay thirsty for 5- 15 minutes as by 6.15pm all participating bars will revert back to usual Friday service. 



“This is our chance to do something positive with this election and start reviving Sydney’s night-life,” said Michael Rodrigues, chair of the Night Time Industries Association (NITA).

“Festivals restrictions and lockout laws have framed the debate so far, but it’s more than that; we’re looking at a $16 billion dollar opportunity and potential bigger vision for the night time of this city.”

Mr Rodrigues said the organisation was asking voters to think about what they want for the future of Sydney.

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