We’ve been counting down the days until we could FINALLY get that brand new car on Mike E & Emma’s Swift Roulette wheel and boy was it worth the wait.

Eight lucky contestants braved the cold to take their place on our giant pink roulette wheel while we put just $1 worth of petrol into a gorgeous little Suzuki Swift and let her drive.

And talk about fuel economy; it took our specially trained driver more than 40 minutes of carefully steering the car, fresh from SVM Chatswood Suzuki’s lot, around the track until it finally came to a stop in front of lucky number four!

Our winner, Anthony, was so chuffed he literally fell to his knees before revealing that he would be giving the prize to his lovely fiancé Jessica.

Check out the clip above to see the moment Anthony realised he won; what a crazy moment!

Thanks to all of our incredible contestants and the amazing SVM Chatswood Suzuki for such a fun morning.