It doesn’t matter how many seasons of The Bachelor we sit through, that moment the runner-up gets told they’re dumped never, ever gets easier.

And of all the rejections we’ve seen, Jarrod’s last night was certainly the most emotional; the guy was straight-up cut.

Speaking to Mike E and Emma this morning, Jarrod confessed that he’s still not over the breakdown of his and Sophie’s relationship, and talked about the moment he realised she wasn’t going to pick him.

“It was right at the end but after doing all the rose ceremonies, you can tell when Sophie doesn’t want to say something,” he admitted. “She puts her head down to her left.

“And she did that and that’s when I saw the ‘but’ coming. “I went through the sand, she told me that I’d been there for her and then I was like ‘yeah well there’s a but, what is it, just get to it, rip the bandaid off, let’s go’.

“This is about to happen and this is going to get harder.”

Luckily the two parted on good terms, with Jarrod revealing that that Sophie has already said she’ll be there to play wing woman in the coming months.


You can listen to Mike E & Emma’s full chat with Jarrod below.

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