After a huge year for films from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Once Upon a Time In Hollywood, sweeping in from seemingly nowhere, Rian Johnson’s masterful whodunnit Knives Out surprised us all with it’s charming reinterpretation of the classic murder mystery for the modern day, and it looks like it may be getting a sequel.

The film follows Detective Benoit Blanc (Daniel Craig), who is summoned to the home of acclaimed detective fiction writer Harlan Thrombey (Christopher Plummer), a week after Thrombey’s mysterious death on the night of his 85th Birthday.

With a phenomenal cast including Ana De Armas, Chris Evans, Katherine Langford, Jamie Lee Curtis and more, the film brought the classic tropes of Agatha Christie into the 21st century and dressed them up in a very clever package that cleverly twisted its narrative to create a truly unique story.

Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, writer/director Rian Johnson said he was working on a sequel, bringing Craig back as the drawly Tennessean Benoit Blanc. With other projects on the horizon Johnson supposedly said we could be seeing the film in production within the next year.

The cast and crew have been speaking in interviews about how stellar the film was to work on, and it shows in the film. Director Rian Johnson telling Slashfilm that “everybody knew what we were aiming for from the start. We didn’t have to take time to find it.”  Many have praised Daniel Craig’s accent for being both absolutely terrible and the greatest thing in the film because he’s clearly enjoying it so much.

If a franchise of Benoit Blanc mysteries can bring that same fun energy to a series of murder mysteries, we are ready for it. Many whodunnit fans have been craving something new after the controversial conclusion to BBC’s Sherlock in 2017 and if Daniel Craig is ready to make the leap we will welcome him with open arms.