You’ve heard of celebrity lookalikes, but it’s not often that the celebrity themselves gets tricked by their own spitting image. This week, that happened, and you’ll be blown away how striking the similarity is. The internet is currently going crazy over this young girl who looks so much like Rihanna that even the singer herself had to share the picture, saying she almost dropped her phone when she saw it.


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almost drop my phone. how?

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The young girl, whose picture was originally posted by her mother, had celebrities left, right and centre shaken, from Priyanka Chopra, to Cypress Hill, to Snoop Dogg. Many even thought at first that the picture was the work of FaceApp, which has been making waves as thousands of celebs posted pictures of themselves aged and de-aged. @priscillaono, an artist for Fenty Beauty (with whom Rihanna has a make-up line) commented “I thought this was the start of the face app young challenge 😭”

Some users on Twitter took a jab at the Fenty Beauty line by suggesting the girl was a setup as a promotion for the line;


Though many fans wished Rihanna would drop something other than her phone;

Celebrity impersonators might not need to rely on genetics and makeup to get those staggering similarities, though. FaceApp and programs like it, such as “Deepfakes” have changed the game for celebrity impersonators, with machine-learning artificial intelligence allowing people to paste a celebrity’s face on to any body. YouTube Visual Effects Artists Corridor recently pulled off a stunt where an actor was “deepfaked” with Keanu Reeves’ face pasted over the top that had many Twitter users questioning their reality.

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