The Weeknd‘s over love ’cause he’s too busy “sellin’ dreams to these girls with their guard down.” (his words)

On Wednesday (November 27), the “Call Out My Name” singer dropped his latest single for toxic singles, and let’s just say it’s perfect for all those anti-cuffing season folks.

Don’t believe me? Well, here’s the first verse: “Never need a b*tch, I’m what a b*tch need (B*tch need)/ Tryna find the one that can fix me I’ve been dodgin’ death in the six speed/ Amphetamine got my stummy feelin’ sickly/ Yeah, I want it all now I’ve been runnin’ through the pu**y, need a dog pound/ Hundred models gettin’ faded in the compound/ Tryna love me, but they never get a pulse down.”

Savage, right?

The Weeknd doesn’t stop there. He then goes from that f**ckboy verse to a “heartless” chorus, singing about wanting to be a better man, but falling short. “Why? ‘Cause I’m heartless/ And I’m back to my ways ’cause I’m heartless,” he sings. “All this money and this pain got me heartless/ Low life for life ’cause I’m heartless/ Said I’m heartless/ Tryna be a better man, but I’m heartless/ Never be a weddin’ plan for the heartless/ Low life for life ’cause I’m heartless.”

Guess it’s safe to say, The Weeknd’s no longer that “sad boy.” (Sorry, Bella. Sorry, Selena)


As fans know, “Heartless” follows The Weeknd’s 2018 EP My Dear Melancholy. While it’s been three years since his last full-length album, Starboy, the Canadian artist teased another single, “Blinding Lights,” in a recent Mercedes-Benz commercial (the track drops on November 29), which has fans certain that his next album is on the way!

Catch The Weeknd’s new track and all your faves on his iHeartRadio Artist Station!

Article: Lauren Crawford

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