Her sensational confession to having slept with more than 10,000 men made her a household name but now Gwyneth Montenegro is on a mission to teach women how to “cheat-proof” their relationship.

The former escort chatted to Mike E and Emma on Friday’s show, opening up about how she first became an escort and how she’s using her experience to help other women around the world.

“I didn’t really have a lot of confidence,” Gwyneth said, explaining that she had been gang-raped as a teenager and was bullied at school. 

But after moving to Melbourne and being encouraged to take a deportment course, Gwyneth signed with a modelling agency before falling into stripping

“I wanted to make some money [but] I was so nervous I drank myself silly the first night.

“Then I went, ‘Wow, okay, maybe I can do something with this.”

And that was when the then-21-year-old looked into becoming an escort.


“I walked into the brothel, telling myself I could always walk out the door. [But] I was able to switch off and compartmentalise,” Gywneth told an intrigued Mike E and Emma.

“A few weeks later… this 84-year-old man comes in. He was all over my face and kissing me and I thought, ‘okay, I’ve had enough of this’.

“Then he decided to head south on me – and he actually made me orgasm.”

That was when, Gywneth says, she learned that it didn’t matter what the other person looked like; she was able to switch off and soon “learned to enjoy” it.

Since Gwyneth has wrapped up her 12-year career as an escort, the 39-year-old has been inspired to use her knowledge of men to help other women to figure out what kind of guy they’re dating – and if they’re going to cheat.

It’s called The Intimacy Secret and is a (free!) test involving 80 carefully curated questions.


“Some of them are light-hearted questions but there are some serious questions as well,” Gwyneth explained. “It’s pretty involved.”

“Those who are most likely to cheat are “The Puppy”, “The Disillusioned and “The Conqueror.”

The Puppy, for example, “is on a journey to prove to himself his virility,” she continued. “He’s in need of internal validation.”

So what can women make sure that their relationship is “cheat-proof”, then?

“Communication is obviously the most important and also doing the profile test,” Gwyneth advised. “Is he more withdrawn? Any major changes in his behaviour would be a red flag.

“Be attuned and be sure you don’t let your sex life flag too much either!”


If you’re keen to try out Gwyneth’s theory, check out The Intimacy Secret website.

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