Have we all moved on from CDs and DVD’s surely?

Well not according to JB Hifi who have said they will never give up on selling either product.

The retailer has revealed that although sales of both combined have dropped from 23 percent four years ago to just 14 percent this year, they still see them as part of their ‘’brand DNA’’ chief executive Richard Murray has told Fairfax Media.

“Yes, people are consuming that content digitally… but still, I’m not disappointed that it’s circa 14 per cent of our business.

“So many customers talk about how they love talking to individual music and movie advisors in store, that love talking to: ‘I like this band, what else is similar to it? I like this movie, can you recommend something else?”

Murray said that it helps drive foot traffic into their stores and usually ends up with customers buying something else in the store.

That 14% share of sales that they provide translates into $600 million of sales per year!

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