In absolutely unbelievable news, illustrious Nel. Dining is hosting a Disney themed feast called ‘Once Upon A Time.’

From Tuesday the 4th of August until November the 7th, we can get an 11 COURSE DEGUSTATION with each plate inspired by different Disney stories.

We’re talking the ‘Melted Snowman’ dish, inspired by ‘Frozen’ which involves Black garlic bread ice cream, carrot cake and vanilla yoghurt.

Sounds bizarre but probably tastes like a DREAM.

How about the ‘Tick Tock Croc’ which I’m guessing takes from Peter Pan and is Chicken and crocodile croquette with croc fat mayo.


Which is something a little different for those who are more adventurous.

How about a Cinderella themed Spiced pumpkin and carrot volute with sour cream ravioli?

I’m drooling.


The degustation costs $135 a head which, to me, is WELL worth it.

If you’re feeling EXTRA fancy, for an extra $105 you can get paired cocktails and wines with each plate.

Make sure you book ahead, the ‘Once Upon A Time’ menu is only available Tuesday to Saturday until the 7th of November.

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