Has anyone else noticed how much the show is hamming up Dan’s love for his “girlfriend”?

I put the “girlfriend” in quotation marks because I’m pretty sure Dan mentioned they weren’t actually together during the filming of the show.

I think Big Brother is trying to make it seem like a big romantic love story of the century but I just squirm uncomfortably whenever Dan mentions her. 

I’m just going to say it…

Is ANYONE even rooting for Dan?

It feels like they’re trying to make us like him (probably because he will be a finalist), but I’m not falling for it BB!


To me, it sounds like he did something that ended their relationship badly, he regrets it, he wants her back and she still loves him and will take him back.

It’s not the romance of the century, but it sure is a tale as old as time.

If anyone watched the episode last night, it was Corona-virus centric. 

Production was momentarily halted as a crew member was in contact with an infected person and had to get tested.

During this halt in production, the contestants were allowed to call home and Dan OBVIOUSLY called the love of his life, the one that got away, the angel who has the key to his heart.


The call was weird (I’m not the only one that thinks so I swear!), he promised to marry her, told her he loved her and that he’d buy her a dog and all sorts of things (please remember they are not even together at this point).

I don’t like it BB, I really don’t like it, please stop it.


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