Amidst the Bond film being delayed due to coronavirus “threats”, Vin Diesel, the people’s hero has said he won’t let the virus delay the filming and releasing of his two films ‘Bloodshot’ and ‘Fast and Furious 9”.

He’s always focussed on his fans and wants them to be happy which makes him such a wholesome dude. 

He’s come out to USA Today saying that he’s been “begging” to be allowed to go to China to promote Fast and Furious 9 (I actually can’t believe they’re up to 9). 

“I’m crazy. I’m begging Sony to let me go to China, even now”- that is a little crazy Vin!!

“We need movies now more than ever…” He went on to say, trust Vin Diesel to try take on global morale! 

He believes that films are about spreading magic and happiness and not about box office figures which is why he doesn’t want to listen to people telling him not to release F9 in May.

He makes me believe in unicorns and fairies. 


Thank YOU Vin. You always were and always will be the biggest legend.

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