Wanna get your sweet tooth on this weekend? Western Sydney’s out here with the goods again

The West’s very own Made By The Hill is known for their epic creations, laid back vibe and cheap prices

They’re back at it again, this time with a freakshake concoction that involves a whole bunch of love and peanut butter.

Enter: The Reeses Peanut Butter Cup Freak Shake!


We’re talking whipped cream, ice cream, chocolate topping, peanut butter, Reese’s peanut butter cups, milk choc buds, wafer sticks and topped off with a cream filled profiterole. They’re not f*cking around here

Made By The Hill is located inside the newly named West HQ precinct, ROOTY HILL


It looks so fkn pretty and it’s a major vibe so head there with your mates for a feed and a few bevs on the weekend

Also, not to say you can go to the bar and get smthn yum, but you can go to the bar and get smthn yum


The Peanut Butter Freak Shake is only $14 and available for a limited time only.

They’ll also be launching more freak shakes in coming months too

Don’t miss out on the Peanut Butter Cup Freak Shake!