Up until last night, Bella Varelis was the sweetest golden angel we’d ever had the pleasure of watching on our television.

But it was all too good to be true, it was like watching Pleasantville, something had to crack…

…and crack she did!

Last night Bella turned from an angel to a possessed demon and for what? LOCKY?!?

Bella being jealous of her bestie Irena is a tale as old as time…

However to be jealous that they’re TALKING on a show where he’s literally SUPPOSED TO TALK to all the girls…. that’s just some Roxi-esque nonsense.

If Bella was an adult, she would have realised that her perception of her best friend had been skewed because of heightened emotions but apparently she’s a big baby and decided to spread lies about her around the house and literally call her a “manipulative little bi****.”


That is SO RUDE Bella, why would you say that about your FRIEND.

Now the nation has turned on their favourite contestant, which inevitably happens on these shows and cue: no one being surprised.

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