When Emma announced on air that she’s pregnant, we were slammed with comments from people who can’t believe she’s only taking 8 weeks off. 

Now with only 1 week left on air before her maternity leave begins, she’s opened up about why she’s rushing back to work.

During our weekly ‘honesty segment’, a listener wrote in asking Emma if she’d ever quit radio to become a stay-at-home mum. 

“That is a clear and definite no,” she answered.

“I respect people for whatever decision they make, but I love this job too much… I like being busy.”

However, Emma does admit that she wishes she could take more time off than she is. 

“I do wish I could take longer than 8 weeks ‘cos it’s gonna go very quickly. If I could take 6 months I would.” she confessed.


“Luckily I didn’t have to choose between being a mum and still having a career – i’ve got a lot of people to support [us.]” 

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