It’s almost time for The Bachelorette 2019 to start, and we got this year’s Bachelorette herself, Angie Kent, in to talk about the upcoming season!

It’s been a good year for fans of The Bachelor; we were all afraid Matt Agnew was going to chuck a Blake Garvey or pick the wrong girl, but in the end he came through and all was right with the world. In amongst what may have been one of the best seasons yet, Matt also scored a huge number of make-out sessions with the contestants on his season, including the almost-too-much dry-humping incident with Abbie towards the end of the season.

Does Angie think she’s going to keep score against Matt for “pash rations”?

“I know this is the most annoying answer ever, but wait and see!” Angie said,

“But when you’re on a dating show and you’re a grown-ass woman, of course you’re going to have a cheeky pash!”


“Are you going to do stuff on the beach like he did?” Mike E asked, referencing the above… incident.

“Each to their own but I don’t think you’ll be seeing that”, Angie told us.

You can catch our full chat with Angie above!