Would you believe most modern movies feature heaps of CGI?

Shocking, we know.

Jacob Batalon, who portrays Peter Parker’s best friend Ned in the MCU, joined Mike E and Emma this morning and we had to ask him what it was like to work, as an actor, in a movie where the main threat manifested itself in huge CGI clouds.

“I think they try to make it as practical for you as possible, there’s still big explosions and lighting cues, everything is pretty practical, except the monsters, obviously”


“So they have to dress them up as like, puppets or whatever?”, Mike E asked

“Yeah you’re basically staring at a piece of tape on the green screen for like two hours”, Jacob told us.

“I imagine it’d be quite challenging when you’re working with CGI and green screen and stuff, because you actually have to get even more into the character, because you’ve got to imagine things”, Emma said to Jacob

“It’s not like it’s there in front of you to bounce off”, added Mike E, “so you’re even more talented!”

“Oh no, please”, responded Jacob, “sometimes you do feel like an asshole, but like, it’s cool, it’s cool.”

You can catch our full chat with Jacob below!


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