The annual Mulletfest is held in rural NSW in a town called Kurri Kurri.

Which is already hilarious in itself but meet British graphic designer Rob Ayton who is this years winner and crowned king of ‘Best International Mullet’ at the festival. 

“I’ve never been a fan of the mullet or the rats tail, but I have to say I do like the mullet now…” he said to The Daily Mirror.

We hope you do buddy, because you’re legally obligated to NEVER CUT IT AGAIN. 



The Mulletfest has only been running for 3 years but it’s beloved by mullet wearings globally and the town of Kurri Kurri itself. 

It’s huge for what it is, this year boasting 250 people attending! If that’s 250 people with mullets gathering together then, my dude, sign me up just for a laugh. 

The event categories are “everyday, grubby, ranga, vintage, extreme, international and junior and that fact that RANGA is even a category has me in stitches. SEND.HELP

Rob, the bloody legend, vlogged his whole damn experience so check it out for yourself!

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