A lot of people are turning to Equalution to manage their nutrition plans during this time.

With a decrease in exercise and an increase of at-home cooking and takeaway, we’ve asked Jade and Amal the founders of Equalution what their top tips are when ordering takeaway:


  1. Save up calories where possible throughout the day
  2. Ensure you’ve hit your minimum protein and fiber requirements for the day
  3. Do your homework: read the menu online, check out the restaurant on Instagram. The fewer surprises the better.

Photo Credit: Equalution


  1. Choose weight-specified proteins, e.g. 200g sirloin, this makes for an accurate recording.
  2. Make mindful swaps when choosing your order, it’s possible to opt for lower calorie options without forgoing the flavour.
  3. Treat individual high-calorie components as a warning that the entire dish will typically be high in calories
  4. Avoid creamy or oil-based dressings
  5. Befriend the side dish menu. Think steamed veggies and mixed leaf salads
  6. Less is best: the more ingredients, the trickier to account for
  7. Don’t discount cooking methods: pan-frying and braising typically means additional oils (1 tablespoon = 120 calories)
  8. If you have alcohol, vodka soda water/coke is recommended as it’s a lower calorie option (65 calories per glass). Champagne (100 calories per glass) and wine (125 calories per glass) are pretty stock standard in calories and can be easily tracked in a calorie counting app. Certain cocktails are super high (200-400 calories) and should be avoided particularly if a dinner allowance is being saved.

Fat loss is a science, if you’re eating more than you’re burning (calorie surplus) you will gain weight, if you’re eating less than you’re burning (calorie deficit) you will lose weight, you can ensure that eating out works into these calculations and doesn’t hinder your weight loss goals.

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