It used to be absolute torture being coeliac or gluten intolerant because it meant that you had to miss out on some of, in our opinion, the best foods ever invented.

Never could they taste freshly cooked bread, or a warm buttery croissant or the deliciousness of a sausage roll dipped in tomato sauce.

But luckily now there’s so many alternative options available for those who can’t eat gluten! So much so that a 100% gluten-free cafe has opened up in Sydney’s CBD!

It looks so good it might actually be worth the trip into town!

Wholegreen Bakery only serves gluten-free products and following the success of their current store in Waverly, a new store has opened up in the city.

The second store is located on Clarence Street in the CBD and is much bigger than the OG store in Waverly to accommodate for larger groups.


They’re also baking their goods six days a week so that every product is available every day, unlike at the Waverly location where some treats are only available on certain days.

So what sort of gluten free products do they sell? We’re talking various types of sourdough bread (made from organic quinoa, sunflower oil and organic brown rice syrup), baguettes, dinner rolls and a wide range of sweet treats.

We’re talking dark chocolate and beetroot make, espresso or caramel eclairs, lemon tarts, chai spices carrot cake, banana bread and frangipane tarts.


To make their products even more available to people of all dietary requirements, there’s also dairy-free, vegan and sugar-free options for sale.

If you’re after something gluten-free for lunch, there’s also spinach, silver beet and feta pastries, ham and cheese croissants, slow-cooked beef and onion pies, seasonal veggie frittata and MORE!


Honestly this sounds so good that we want to eat one of everything and we’re not even gluten intolerant!

But if you are, or you have a friend who is, looks like you’ve found the perfect spot for your next cafe trip!

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