It’s $40 bucks a bottle, it’s won world’s best flavoured gin and it’s available at Aldi.

That’s the whole story, summarised.

It’s a classic Aldi move, create the greatest product in the world and then sell it so it’s accessible to everyone.

Love em.

The Greyson’s Seville Orange & Persian Lime Gin sounds fancy as fuck and expensive but it’s not!

It won the Master’s award for the best flavoured gin at the International Gin Masters competition.

We might never have heard of the competition but it’s led by ‘The Spirits Business’ and it brings together some ‘expert spirit specialists’ (aaaand where can I sign up for that job?)


This Seville Orange and Persian Lime Gin has been described as having a ‘bright’ flavour with fresh citrus notes’ and wow, that sounds delightful!

It’s like the ultimate adult move, have a little party and show off your fancy gin and watch your friends oooh and ahhh like they care.

And they will. After they taste it. 

How will they resist the ‘fresh.citrus.notes’.

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