First it was Vegemite chocolate… Now it’s a Vegemite Boost smoothie. 

Fair warning, we reckon this is bloody feral.

This monstrosity is all part of the new Aussie Milk Bar range, alongside Cookies & Creme and Rocky Road smoothies available for a limited time. 

“It’s no secret Australians love things that work well together: Kath and Kim, footy and pies, budgie smugglers in Bondi. Now, with two of Australia’s most iconic brands uniting, Aussies have another reason to celebrate,” Boost stated.

“The Vegemite Boost, a delicious smoothie that combines chocolate, vanilla yogurt, banana, and a hint of Vegemite, will be sure to delight Vegemite aficionados and those looking for a delicious drink to enjoy this winter.”

Seems rank but lowkey kinda intrigued…

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