The Halal Snack Pack is, deservedly so, an institution like no other. An affordable explosion of flavour, powered by halal meats, chips and sauces, along with a variety of other goodies, it’s hard to imagine where we’d be without the kebab-shop staple.

Determined to ensure that HSP innovation doesn’t stagnate, Campbelltown’s King Kebab House has announced that they’re aiming to secure a Guinness World Record by making the world’s largest HSP this November.

Talking with the Macarthur Advertiser, owner Mevlana Cifci said they have FOURTY people, both inside and outside the shop, to attempt the feat. “We only need five metres to make the record, but we want to go much bigger than that,” he said.

According to Campbelltown Council’s Facebook post about the event, the team is aiming to bump the record up to a monster 100 metres of Snack Pack goodness, with the attempt to take place from 2 to 5PM on the 9th of November, alongside the Fisher’s Ghost Street Fair. Donations collected alongside the event will also be donated to Campbelltown Hospital.

“I love Campbelltown, I worked in many places and Campbelltown is the best, so I want to do this to help this place and bring more people here,” Mevlana said,

It’s been some years since the Halal Snack Pack Appreciation Society ranked King Kebab Shop as their number one spot in Sydney, then becoming the group’s Mecca, and if this is how they’re going to keep raising the bar, we are here for it.


“I can’t wait to see our community come down and help set a Guinness World Record for the largest halal snack pack while raising money for a good local cause like Campbelltown Hospital,” he said.

Check out the action yourself on November 9th at King Kebab House on Queen Street in Campbelltown. You can keep up with the event at King Kebab House’s Facebook page.