I’m all for adding a bit of booze to anything and everything, we’re all adults here.

But mayonnaise??


A company from the Netherlands has been putting gin-infused mayonnaise and gin-infused ketchup out into the universe and it’s slowly made its way over to Australia.

The product is packaged in adorable squeezy tubes that look like toothpaste tubes but the aesthetic is very… European.

Both the tomato sauce and the mayo are infused with ‘Bobby’s Gin’ which is distilled in the city of Schiedam next to Rotterdam and the tube clocked up at 2% of alcohol per tube.


If you’re in Sydney or Melbourne you’ll be able to taste it for yourselves at the following eateries.

Sydney’s ‘Darlo General’ and ‘Sorry Thanks I Love You,’ and Melbourne’s ‘St Ali’, ‘Blackhearts & Sparrows’ and ‘Meatsmith.’

You can also buy the tube for yourself from the St Ali website for $15!

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