Bunster’s ‘Sh*t The Bed’ hot sauce is often the #1 selling hot sauce on Amazon USA and it’s featured on viral Youtube channel “Hot Ones” which gets almost 90 MILLION VIEWS MONTHLY.

Celebrities such as Natalie Portman, Wiz Kaleefa, Jess Goldblum and Johnny Knoxville are just some of the celebrities features on the show.

‘Sh*t The Bed’ is actually AUSTRALIAN MADE ( REP.RE.SENT) and now there’s a Black Label version for you fancy folks, made by Renae Bunster, a Perth mum!

Black Label measures at 99, 000 Scovilles (I just vomitted) and it’s made from the hottest chillies in the world!

Because of how ‘naughty’ the name is, Coles and Woolies have decided not to stock the product, but Renae is opening the company up to buy stocks in!

Mike E & Emma reckon they can handle any Scoville (classic Mike E), you can watch them trying the sauce below!

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