Plumpton needs Doritos and A LOT of them.

Woolworths has learnt this recently as it endeavours to tailor each store to the needs of the area.

A “one-size fits all” approach just wasn’t working for Woolworths as thousands of complaints were rolling in for under stocking certain items. 

The Woolies store in Plumpton has been renovated to focus on cheaper items, specials, and the areas high demand for corn chips.

“This would be a store that is the number one seller of Doritos,” Ms Peters said, and so that store now had “vastly” more shelf space for the corn chips than any other store.

“We did significantly run out of Doritos because we gave it the same amount of space on shelves as Marrickville would have had, and our customers in Plumpton love Doritos,” she explained.

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