Listening is a really important part of a relationship, but guys fail to do it, over and over again. A study recently revealed the number of times that guys do not listen to their girlfriends.

Three hundred and eighty-eight times a year. That’s more days than there are in a year. If you didn’t feel like doing the maths, that’s an average 1.06 times per day.

It’s a bit of an old stereotype that girls are ‘chatterboxes’, but Emma thinks that could be a part of it.

“Yeah, I’m very much [guilty of] verbal diarrhoea as things come into my head, so I’ll start swearing about something and it’s got no relevance to the day, or to him, or to us, or to anything”, she said.

“Do you think, though, does it bother you that he’s not listening to that stuff,” Mike E asked, “or does it only bother you when he’s not listening and it’s important?”

“I expect him to listen to the important stuff, like when I’m feeling sad or upset”, Emma replied, “If he’s not listening then, he’s a naughty boy”.

If you thought it was just the guys who are guilty, though, girls still clock in at 339 times a year, or 0.92 times a day. Hear more about it on the podcast below!


On a serious note – if you find yourself suffering from ‘selective hearing’ often, the study notes it could be a warning sign for genuine hearing loss, so do consider hearing checks!