Kanye West has found huge success through his fashion label ‘Yeezy’ clothing and footwear so much so that the brand actually put him second in Forbes highest paid celebrity list for 2020. 

Forbes Released A List Of Highest Paid Celebrities Of 2020 & It’s Both Surprising and Not.

Ironically in first place was Kylie Jenner with her cosmetics company raking in the big bucks, so it’s no surprise that Kanye West is now making moves into the beauty industry. 

According to TMZ, West has filed trademarks for makeup, nail polish, shaving cream, deodorant, aromatherapy pillows and more!!

While it makes sense from a business perspective (I think), however this puts him in DIRECT competition with not only Kylie Jenner but also his own wife Kim Kardashian who owns KKW Beauty and KKW Fragrance.