We’re not sure the last time a craze related to tidying up swept the world so quickly.

By now, you will have heard the name ‘Marie Kondo’ so many times.

Perhaps even in a sentence “This weekend I’m going to Marie Kondo my place”.

You may have seen the Netflix original, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, and you haven’t yet – we know it’s on your list. There’s no shame!

The show is based on Marie’s book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organising, just FYI.

It centers around making over the lives/houses of families in each episode, and as you watch, you too will be persuaded to try this way of life.

You too will be persuaded to ask yourself, “does this spark joy?”.


To help with that extra little bit of motivation you may need, here are a few of our favourite #MarieKondo transformations.

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Who else is hooked on the new Netflix series “Tidying Up” with @mariekondo?! Some of my goals in 2019 include: simplifying, being more intentional, and making everything functional + easy to keep organized so that I spend less time tidying. After watching the new series + reading 3 minimalist/simplifying books (one being grace not perfection by @emilyley) in the past month, I have officially been in #mariekondo mode. Here’s a little peek of the before and after of our linen closet that I just finished in under 30 minutes and around $30 (for the baskets at @homegoods). It feels much more organized + refreshed. P.s. don’t judge me for the before (it’s actually a “during” as I realized 10 minutes in that I needed to snap a before pic). . It used to be organized but life got crazy over the past few months and left us always in a hurry when we reached into this closet (hence the chaos).

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It’s more than half way through January…..already! I spent of the year and beginning of 2019 cleaning and organizing and purging! One of my biggest challenge was to get my sons toys organized! Organizing his legos took all day!!!! I told my kiddo afterwards, if you mess it up and refuse to keep it this way, i take away your media time! 😳😳😳…. harsh or not, he’s kept it clean! And organized! . Who also have been obsessed over #mariekondo way of living and organizing??? . Also… cleaning my kiddos things got me inspired to organize my own clothing! I’ll post it in my stories! . Doing all this cleaning made me realize how much stuff we actually have and don’t need all this. Took a lot to purge but man….. it felt good!!! #minimalism #organization #cleaning #newyear #tidyingupwithmariekondo #mariekondomethod #organizedtoys #organizedlegos #mariekondonetflix #colorcoordinatedbooks #colorcoordinated #cleaningspree

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