With the world feeling like it’s ending and person-to-person transmissions starting in Australia, there has been widespread panic across the nation.

Producer Nat doesn’t normally subscribe to the hysteria but she’s flying to Adelaide tomorrow and the close quarters with a bunch of tourists is making her nervous.

Her boyfriend procured her an industrial p2 type gas mask to wear for protection and shenanigans ensued in the studio! 

Watch the video above to see how ridiculous she looks! 

With 52% of people voting YES to our instagram story “Should Nat Wear Her Mask?” 

It looked like she was going to be flying to Adelaide looking like Bane from Batman.



But then, we began getting callers telling her the mask would do nothing! It was completely useless. 

But we’re not sure if that’s true! It depends which mask you’re wearing!

Basic surgical masks? Big no no! 

surgical mask


They don’t do anything the minute they get damp from your breath (which is very quickly from the condensation in your breath. 

Also they’re designed to keep germs in rather than germs out.

P2/N-95 protective respirators COULD work, according to medical professionals. 

p2 mask

However, the likelihood of a non-medical professional wearing the masks properly for long periods of time is very slim.

Everyones honest, medical opinion is that we forget the masks and just learn how to wash our hands properly and frequently!


Here is how to use P2 masks properly:

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