Mike E & Emma called into Doctor Sam to answer some questions that YOU GUYS asked on our instagram overnight about Coronavirus.

Here’s what we’ve summarised with his answers!

Q.What is the step by step procedure if you think you have symptoms of coronavirus?

A.If you’re feeling unwell and you’ve travelled (especially to at-risk countries) or had contact with someone who has had the virus these are the criteria makes you high risk.

Call your local GP, call your health direct line or go to a Coronavirus clinic set up by hospitals and they can help you identify if you’re at risk and actually need to be swabbed. 

Q.Can you get it from a handshake? Is it transferable skin to skin?

A.The virus won’t get into our system through our skin technically.  


It’s when you touch your face after a handshake from an infected individual who might have snot or saliva on their hand- then you can get it. 

So reduce the amount you touch other people and you lower the chances of catching it.

Q.Does the virus do any long term damage to your body?

A.At this stage it behaves like a cold or influenza which generally don’t have long term effects.

However it’s far too early to know any long term side effects. 

Q.Can you catch it more than once?


A.Up until yesterday they thought not, but there have been reports of someone catching it for a second time. This could be because of many factors including misdiagnosis, the bottom line is we don’t know for sure. 

Q.Why is the quarantine period 14 days?

The scientists and the medical world are still working out the EXACT time frame. 

We believe 14 days is enough for the virus to come in, our immune system to fight it off and get rid of it and then after 14 days we’re NOT CONTAGIOUS.

Q.What does it feel like when you have it?

A.80% of people feel like they have a mild illness that resembles the common cold. 


15% have slightly stronger symptoms which feels like a bad cold. 

It’s only 5% that feel some sort of significant illness, with fevers and shortness of breath and this is where the sensation of suffocation has been reported. 

It’s only this 5% that needs to be admitted to hospital.

Q.Are you for or against Australia going into lockdown like Italy?

A.Personally I am for the lockdown. 

Quarantine is very very effective in shutting down the spread of viruses and illness.
It comes with it’s own community and economic effects though. 


At the moment, we’re getting good advice from the health system and we can trust and follow it. 

Q.Do you think what we’re doing at the moment is right?

A.I’m a GP and I’m trusting people to self-isolate, practise social distancing, wash your hands, cover your hands and be sensible. I think what’s happening is correct but we need to go a step further soon.

Q.What do you think a ‘little bit further’ would look like?

Schools, restaurants, gatherings, bars, universities need to stop.

Everyone that is affected from an economic stance by this is shouting through the radio at me. 


This is not my decision and there are so many factors at play.

Q.If we did this for a month of 3 weeks, does that mean we can go back to normal?

A.Yes, that’s what i think. 

We flatten the curve. 

It’s all about the 5%- 5% of hundreds of thousands is still thousands of patients that will overload the health system. 

Q.How much worse is it actually gonna get from here?


A.I think the worst is yet to come by a volume thing.

At the moment there’s only a handful of confirmed cases and a smaller handful of people who are very sick, so the hospital can cover it. 

If the numbers go up, the hospitals will be overwhelmed. 

Q.What does ‘flattening the curve’ mean?

A.If we let the virus run rampant, it’ll spread person to person very quickly. 

The numbers will sky rocket. 


If we put in these isolation measures, it’s hard for the virus to spread because there is little contact. 

That means the ‘peak’ will be lower. 

We won’t get the acceleration of sick people, it’ll be dotted over a long period. 

It’s a combination of reducing the total number and spreading it out over a period of time!


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