The average survival time is 12-18 months, but Sammy Jones is determined to be an “exception”. 

The Russell Vale resident is dealing with a Grade 4 Glioblastoma after being diagnosed With Brain Cancer over three years ago.

“As you could imagine it’s been an emotional and tough few months and while statistics are against me, it hasn’t changed my determination to find a way to be the exception,” she says. “Knowing I am here asking for help is hard, but the truth is, we can’t do this alone and need your help.”

If we haven’t convinced you enough of Sammy’s passion and determination to live, she has even named her tumour ‘Terrence’ – a ‘figure’ she wishes to eliminate so she can “get on with her life” and potentially “start a family”. 

While her surgeon wants to start chemotherapy and radiation immediately, it isn’t a permanent solution, simply a short term one. 


“What I am after is a long term treatment, something that is going to give me more than the year I am promised,” her GoFundMe page reads. “…Something that is going to give me hope and quality of life, not something that is just buying a bit of time but resulting in the tumour growing back anyway.”

Sammy and her partner have been looking into treatments offering immunotherapy to boost her own immune system to fight the cancer itself. This will potentially offer Jones more time, and most importantly, the elimination of any active cancer.

However, this is easier said than done. The huge cost involved in this therapy has exceeded the cancer sufferer’s predictions, and even after the initial intense regime to stabilise the tumour is complete, patients generally continue to go back for years to come. 

“We are in direct contact with people with brain cancer who are now stable after this type of treatment and doing incredibly well with multiple stable scans,” she writes. “The main treatment being the Dendrictic cell vaccine, where they take some of my blood and culture a vaccine specific to me which boosts my own Immune system to eliminate/stabilise the remaining tumour.”


Despite receiving such a grim prognosis, Sammy remains positive. She continues to tick things off her bucket list, and live her life to the absolute fullest. 

“I visualise myself living a long and healed life but I can’t ignore the statistics of this beast and need to act now so we can fulfil our life dreams and grow old together.”

Her inspirational story has touched the hearts of many, having raised a whopping $26,000 in just eight days. However, that’s simply not enough. But, she hasn’t lost hope!

“My journey continues 3.5 years on and I still believe I can and will beat this!”

We do too, Sammy!

If you would like to help Sammy beat this debilitating disease, you can do so by heading to her GoFundMe page


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