Have you guys heard of love languages? Because it might open up some new communication between yourself and your partner. 

I know it sounds like some made-up bulls*** by an old white guy to sell books, and it does come across that way!

The idea of love languages was written about by Gary Chapman in 1992, he’s been pastor, marriage counsellor, talk show host and author and has a doctorate in Philosophy.

The basis of love languages is that there are different ways to communicate ‘love’ to your loved ones. 

If you ever feel like you and your partner aren’t on the same page, don’t understand each other or you feel like your partner isn’t showing that they love you. 

It might be as simple as the fact that you are communicating in different love languages!

Chapman reckons we show love for each other in 5 different ways. 


1- Words of affirmation

This is obviously by using your words. Saying I love you a lot, praising and complimenting those around you. Craving compliments, craving words, needing to be told that you are loved. 

2- Acts of service

This is as simple as actions. They’re not mindless actions but catering small acts of service that you know will be appreciated by your loved one. Wishing your partner went out of their way to do nice things for you. 

3- Quality time

This is if you or your partner wish you spent more time together. Not just co-existing in the same space but really HANGING OUT together (you know there’s a difference!)


4- Giving gifts 

This is when sometimes you need a visual representation of affection. To know that thought and time went behind a gift proves love more than words or touch could. 

5- Physical touch

This isn’t the same as sex. Physical touch can be cuddling, holding hands, kissing or just being pressed up next to each other. Touching is an incredibly powerful communicator and some people are incredibly physically affectionate to communicate their love. 

Obviously this isn’t exact science, I’m sure people can be more than one! 

Luckily if you feel like being categorised today, there’s an online quiz you can do for free right here!


I totally recommend forcing your partner to do the quiz too, even if it’s just for curiosity, you never know what you can learn.

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