Mike E & Emma had a chat with Hoppo from Bondi Rescue this morning to talk about the event that happened last week that the world has judged us on.

An unseasonably warm day occurred last Friday that saw the beach overpopulated with people amidst what should have been a self-isolation period.

The photos of the day have been shared globally with people from other countries judging us on our inability to take COVID-19 seriously.

This event resulted in a full beach closure.

So what the hell happened in Bondi on Friday?


Hoppo reckons it was a combination of the hot weather and people being stuck working from home.

There was an influx of people in the afternoon that was hard for the rescue team to deal with, with numbers reaching the same amount as they would leading up to Christmas!

Did the life savers try to enforce any sort of boundary between people?

Hoppo says they didn’t because the 500 people outdoor gathering rule hadn’t been established yet, it came out on Saturday.

There was confusion because all the public had really been told was to TRY stay at home and to keep 1.5m distance between other people.

Are you enforcing the beach closure?


Hoppo isn’t in charge of making sure you’re not an idiot. 

The life savers can only recommend you don’t go on the beach but it’s up to the cops that will enforce it! 

So don’t go on the beach!

How does it work if you need to give someone mouth-to-mouth?

The life guards have some practices in place like gloves and masks however if someone needed critical help, they would go ahead with the usual process.

So yes, they will risk it to save your life.