Mike E & Emma’s Helpline segment on today’s show tackles the interesting issue of unacceptable Indian in-laws. 

Caller Liz of Italian heritage rang up to ask about how she can deal with that fact that her Indian boyfriend’s parents absolutely do not accept her because she is not Indian. 

This lead to various callers ringing in to put in their two cents.

Including one of Indian heritage, who rang to say that she’s not sure if it will work out because “It’s a challenge…especially if they have their old belief systems”

She went on to say something quite controversial.

“Indians…love their status and materialism”.

She revealed she was disowned by her parents for being in an interracial relationship and no longer talks to either of her parents. 


This issue seemed to resonate with a few callers.

Another caller rang to give a little more hope, saying the relationship could work ONLY IF Liz’s boyfriend grew some balls and stood up to his parents for her. 

Are you in an interracial relationship? Do you face similar issues of acceptance?

Listen to the full podcast below!

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