You might recognise Chen as the bizarre ABC2 sideline reporter for a Liverpool v Sydney FC game in 2017.

If you don’t quite recall let me refresh your memory.

Aaron did a number of horrendously awkward and uncomfortable interviews during the first half interval at the ANZ stadium and it was HILARIOUS.

It angered quite a lot of people but guys, if you don’t find this shit funny then it’s not for ya.


Anyway, Aaron’s started a new sketch-ish type project called ‘Inside Aaron’ and you guys..GUYS. 

We’re on board.

He’s in self-isolation and will be mostly locked inside his own bedroom for 14 days and weirdness ensues…


We’re getting a multiple episode look deep into the life of the man himself.

Self-isolation can be really self reflective, so what does a guy like Chen reflect on?

Who is he REALLY? What does he think about?? What does he wear in the shower?

It’s going to be quite the exposé. 

And I reckon we’re gonna learn to love the man…and his hat collection.


Episode 1 came out yesterday, it’s ONLY 5 minutes long but it says…so much

Just be ready for uhh..anything and DON’T think too much about it.

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