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While you’re here, here are our top tips to avoiding a bucks party nightmare!

Congratulations – you’re getting hitched! Or maybe it’s your best mate, and you’ve got the task to get his wild bucks party ready.

It’s going to be the best night with the boys, but we’ve got a few tips to make sure you guys remember it for the right reasons.

Don’t tell the bride – but we reckon most lads will agree that the bucks night was way more fun than the big day!!

So, here are our top tips for avoiding a Bucks Party nightmare.


1. Don’t get the buck injured
We are all for having a laugh, but there’s a difference between snorting hot sauce, and ending up in the emergency department.
So all we’ll say is THINK before you prank the buck!

2. Don’t wing it
There’s no need for complex spreadsheets and schedules, but just put in a little thought into the night. OR, pay someone else to organise it for you! There are plenty of packages available, and that way you can ensure the night will run smoothly, without you having to put your beer down for a minute.

3. Don’t involve social media
What happens on the bucks night should stay on the bucks night. We promise – do you really want your grandma, boss, or the future WIFE seeing the evidence? No.

4. Don’t skip the food
We know this night is going to be full of beer, shots and boobs… so do not forget to fill your stomachs. Get into a parmi and chips at the start, and don’t forget that dirty kebab or burger at the end of the night, too.

5. Don’t go to the casino
Yes, this is definitely controversial but there is no better way to burn your entire budget in one hour. Make those dollars go further – and choose something a little different for your buck. We’re thinking axe throwing, or even a private bar?