So we’re currently in stage 3 lockdowns which means, as usual, self-isolate, self-isolate, self-isolate!

If you go out it has to be for a small number of “essential reasons”, otherwise the cops can fine you!

But other than the financial hardship of a fine, you should be staying at home to protect our community. 

It’s going to an uncomfortable 3 months and you’re gonna go nuts, but just TRY so we can protect the people who are vulnerable. 

So guess who has decided they’re above this.

Just guess! 

You’ll never get it!


Pauline F****** Hanson.

Appearing on Sky News on Paul Murray Live she flaunted her anti-social behaviour.

“No Premier of any state is going to tell me whether I can go see someone or not,” Hanson says ”Well look I’ll tell everyone, I’m gonna go and lie down in my paddock tomorrow. Let’s see if they turn up and fine me because I’m out there in my paddock laying on the ground,”.

Okay! Game on!

PSA TO ALL COPS IN QUEENSLAND- CHECK YOUR ‘PADDOCKS’, Pauline’s gonna be in one of them!

The current fine in Queensland is $1 334.50 per offence so lets get her boys.

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